“Why would you purchase an online jobs board when you own a recruitment agency?”

By: Erin Kefalas
Category: Recruitment

When we announced our acquisition of online jobs platform Working Mothers Connect in July 2018, the feedback was incredibly positive from candidates, clients and contacts of the JustMums Recruitment team.

However, I was surprised to receive quite a few interesting emails and calls from contacts within my network (mainly recruiters) questioning why on earth would I purchase a new business that was effectively a competitor to my original business? A business that would essentially see my clients posting job ads directly as opposed to engaging us to manage the end-to-end recruitment campaign? A business that would essentially take away a large amount of our revenue due to the large price difference between the two services? “Not a great business decision”, I was told.

For my business partner Rachel Perkins and myself, this acquisition was certainly a strategic decision. Whilst the opportunity to acquire Working Mothers Connect came up unexpectedly, we had been following the business closely since it opened in 2014 and saw it as our biggest competitor as the only other business in this space who focused solely on mums – a demographic we are incredibly passionate about as they are the most discriminated group in the workforce.

We were well aware of the impact Working Mothers Connect was having in the market and the strong client/candidate base and social media following they had developed in a short amount of time. Therefore, the opportunity to bring together the two businesses where mums would have a greater choice of flexible opportunities, and employers could access different levels of services to connect with this exceptional talent, seemed like a no-brainer.

As a result of the acquisition, we now have over 60,000 mums in our combined network across Australia and New Zealand who are seeking flexible working opportunities and more employers to connect them to. And we are proud to partner with leading companies such as Apple, AustralianSuper, Broadspectrum, BVT Engineering, IAG and many more.

So yes, JustMums Recruitment may “lose” some revenue to Working Mothers Connect. But at the end of the day, we have bought together two businesses that share one simple goal – to connect more mums with flexible work and more family friendly employers with exceptional talent. And surely that can only be a good thing?


About Erin Kefalas
Erin is a Director at JustMums Recruitment with more than 17 years combined experience across recruitment, business development and marketing. As a mum of two, she appreciates how challenging it can be for working mums to balance their career and family commitments, and is passionate about connecting our talented mums with flexible and family-friendly employers.

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