Why should you always keep your resume updated?

By: Emilia Reluskoska
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A resume is such an important document – it is essentially a piece of paper that outlines, in black and white, your whole career trajectory. It talks to your professional expertise, your experiences and what you have to offer an employer.

When working in a role for a long time, it is easy to forget to maintain your resume. You may not have any intention of moving jobs, so why keep it updated? On the other hand, you may have been out of the workforce for a long time and not required a resume, so again, why would you need it to be current? I will tell you why below.

  • You’re prepared for what may come

Having an updated resume at your disposal means that you are always prepared. Job markets change, restructures happen, the perfect job opportunity pops up when you aren’t looking. In these instances, you will need a professional resume on-hand. Having to re-create one or remember all the important things to add to it, during a time of stress, is not ideal. You will feel rushed, tense, you can leave valuable information out and your mindset may not be 100% focused on the task. Having the foresight to update a resume ensures you can highlight all your achievements with a clear mind. You are ready and confident. If the inevitable was to happen, you’re on your A-game.

  • Clear understanding of your strengths

Sometimes you may forget all the strengths you possess. Having a well-structured resume on-hand helps you understand what you can offer an employer and also your areas of improvement. If you had to talk to this without an updated resume, you may face a roadblock and therein lies the importance of what was mentioned above – preparation!

  • Skills update

In the last year, you may have attended a sought after course/training or mastered a new skill that may in future be your calling card to a new career. Update your resume as soon as you have made an achievement. It may only take you 5-10 minutes now, however will give you back a lot of time when you need it most.

  • Keeping it short and sharp

You may have been working for 10+ years and have a fairly long resume. Bear in mind, employers and recruiters only allow a few minutes to read your resume. Highlight key strength areas and remove what is not essential. An attractive, easy to read resume is a good resume.

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