What new skills have you learnt on school holidays?

Katie Barillaro
By: Katie Barillaro
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If you have been at home with your kids for any length of time during the school holidays, then you will have picked up some new skills that, believe it or not, are transferable to the workplace.

Have you:

  • Used negotiation skills with your kids to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome?
  • Settled disputes between siblings and/or play dates, ending in successful conflict resolution?
  • Set new household rules, communicated and implemented them successfully to all parties?
  • Performance managed your kids to achieve maximum happiness output?
  • Time managed activities in order to maximise coffee input opportunities?
  • Managed a budget for a bunch of hungry kids?
  • Communicated with all stakeholders in a timely fashion, when they will actually be able to play Fortnite?

In all seriousness, mums tend to undervalue the skills that they are developing on a daily basis that can make them more confident, and more effective in the workplace.

If you think of all the skills that are needed to look after kids, run a household and work at the same time, the list is immense. Your communication skills are second to none, you can multitask like a pro, you are resilient and confident to turn your hand to any task. You’re used to many plates spinning at once and can prioritise and manage your time efficiently. Your desire to ‘get the job done’ and makes you a great team player.

Don’t underestimate yourself.


Katie Barillaro
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