What I’ve Learnt From Employers So Far

By: Megan Kateiva
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I’m not counting, but I’ve been with JustMums Recruitment for 3 months now. Many of you reading this (law firm HR types) have probably met with me during this period and now know my story to this point, not to mention my absolute passion for the legal sector, HR and the JustMums brand. I do a lot of talking in those meetings, but I also do a lot of listening, asking and observing.

What have I learnt from you?

(1) You listen and you’re engaged. You want to know if you’ll get anything out of the next 30-45 minutes, (except a barista made coffee), that you didn’t already know. Don’t worry, I’ve been in your shoes. You want to know why JustMums is ‘different’ to other recruiters and what value we can provide to your business.

(2) You now understand the ‘why’ – why JustMums exist, why we are so important to your diversity and inclusion strategy and why you need to partner with us. Gender issues are important to you all – some have it nailed, while others are lagging – and you’re upfront about that. Others are trying and have the backing of the partners – which is more than half the battle. Securing and retaining top talent is the next one.

(3) Some of you aren’t yet at the ‘how’. The legal sector doesn’t change quickly. Most often it is mindset, sometimes it can be technology, budget, policy or client demands – or simply “because we’ve always done it this way”. You will get there though – the opportunity to profile your success stories (or even ours!) should be leveraged. On the bright side, the belief in innovation and investment in technology in many firms is impressive – which makes what we all want to achieve for our clients (great service and results!) even easier.

(4) Flexibility is not one size fits all. Fancy phrases (that I’m guilty of throwing around!) like agile, disruptor, D&I, employer of choice, work arrangement (not so fancy) – all of this means something different to everyone – particularly your workforce. You can lead the way by proactively opening the discussion about flexibility with your people and potential recruits. And I’m pleased to say many of you do this and are working hard to establish it as the norm, rather than something formal that needs to be reported on.

(5) JustMums has lit a spark in you – a belief that things can be done better or differently when it comes to your workforce planning. You know after our conversation that we don’t just recruit to put a ‘bum on a seat’ – we are as strategic as you need us to be. Years of experience listening to you or those in your position means we can think outside the square. We have a huge network which epitomises the act of women supporting women to see them succeed.

So, in just a few short months you have taught me (hopefully) just as much as I have you. These conversations may be the beginning of your journey with JustMums and for some the continuation of an already established relationship.

A collective thank you to everyone who has taken the time to meet with me over the course of my first 3 months with the JustMums Recruitment team.


About Megan Kateiva
Megan is the National Recruitment Manager at JustMums, recruiting across Legal and Human Resources. She is a qualified lawyer, former HR manager, experienced recruiter and mum of two.

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