What I’ve Learnt From Candidates So Far

By: Megan Kateiva
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If you’re following my two-part journey you would know that I have been at JustMums Recruitment for 3 months. And to that end it has been a privilege to meet so many amazing and talented candidates (mostly women, for obvious reasons). I’ve been in recruitment before (much like my clients, most of you know my story to this point) – but I will be forever surprised by the gratitude from the JustMums candidates.

Much like my law firm clients, I’ve learnt a great deal from you, my candidates, too.

What I have learnt

  • You’re grateful that JustMums exist. You don’t need to explain to us why picking little Johnny up from school every Thursday is so important or why attending the gym at 9am on a Tuesday is a not negotiable. We get it.
  • Flexibility should be easy. It should be upfront, it should be inclusive and it should be normal. We all want it! It’s not unique to mums. We will make it work because it will help us do our jobs better and balance our family life. Working close to home (or from home) saves minutes or hours in our day – more time we can be working or supporting our families.
  • The talent. Wow, the talent. It’s hard to see past this point. The quantity and quality of amazingly talented women who, for whatever reason, need flexibility. Imagine what this could bring to an employer’s workforce. Enough said.
  • We can be chameleons. Careers aren’t straight lines. Everyone is at varying stages of their career and parenting life cycle, some harder than the others. But you all have aspiration to maintain your career in some shape or form, at a slow or fast pace. Some are at a cross roads and truly value a hardy discussion about options.
  • We are all different, but all the same. We have all been on struggle street; gone to work frazzled or with breakfast on our shoulder (usually not our own), been the manic crazy woman sprinting out of the office to do the ‘double pick up’, cook dinner, yadda yadda yadda. And, we’ve all questioned ourselves at some point. We can lean on each other.

To all those that I have spoken to so far, and to those that I will speak to in the future – let’s work together to change the future of the workforce, make it wonderful for our children and their children. Normalise our struggles. And better yet, enjoy being a great working parent and role model!


About Megan Kateiva
Megan is the National Recruitment Manager at JustMums, recruiting across Legal and Human Resources. She is a qualified lawyer, former HR manager, experienced recruiter and mum of two.

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