What is a “sham” redundancy?

By: Carly Stebbing
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Redundancy amongst working mums is unfortunately a common occurrence in today’s workforce. How can you tell if your redundancy was a sham?

A sham redundancy is where your employer dismisses your employment for redundancy but any of the following is true:

  1. Your job is still required to be performed;
  2. Your employer did not consult with you about the redundancy (where an award/enterprise agreement applies to you);
  3. Your employer made no attempt to redeploy you either with it or an associated entity;
  4. Your employer’s motivation for making you redundant was unlawful, e.g. you made a complaint about your employment or exercised a workplace right such as parental leave or requesting flexible work.

The fact that your employer pays you redundancy does not make it a genuine redundancy.

If you think your redundancy is a sham redundancy you may be eligible to make either an unfair dismissal or general protections claim.

Resolution123 can help, you can take our eligibility questionnaire at www.resolution123.com.au/submit and visit our website at www.resolution123.com.au.

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