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Rachel Perkins
By: Rachel Perkins
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We’re heading into our sixth year of business and we are still asked by some why we chose to launch a recruitment agency for mums. Our answer is a precise one and our response hasn’t changed since JustMums launched all those years ago – Mums need specialist support when it comes to returning to work and support to better navigate work and family commitments. It’s pretty clear cut from where we sit.

Unfortunately working mums remain the most discriminated group of individuals in the employment market today and mums continue to face a multitude of barriers that prevent them from returning to the workforce altogether.

Here are some other reasons that highlight the need for our services. These are actual extracts from some of the emails we have received into the team since returning to the office this month:

“Unfortunately I have been made redundant – I am still on maternity leave but need to find another part-time role to return to as have two children”

“Now that my youngest is starting school, I would like to find a job and I am not sure where to start”

“I am continually told I’m too over qualified for part-time roles. I actually don’t want to go back to where I was in my career. I want a change of direction that suits my family better”

“I tried to register with another recruitment agency but they said they don’t do any part-time roles so I hope you can help”

“I’m a single mum and I need to start work again but I’m not sure where to go from here. I would be so grateful for any advice you could give me”

“I am trying to find a part-time role in the accounting and finance area but most jobs are full-time and I can’t work those hours with a family”

“I just want to know if there is any chance for me to still be able to have a career and be able to raise my daughter without the guilt of always being at work – and without the concern of a workplace not considering my family as priority”

“I have some gaps in my career after having kids so would love to get back on track and hopefully be able to balance work family life”

“My employer is not family friendly and I would like to work for someone who will support my career but allow me to have some flexibility for my family too”

“I have worked for the big4 for 12 years and have been away from that raising a family – I don’t want to return to that environment but need to utilise my education and skills. I am not sure what I want to do so would like to speak with your careers coach if possible?”

“My son has special needs and I need to find a new role where I can be able to manage his needs and attend medical appointments for example”

“I want to create a better outcome for my career and also my family.”

“Hi, I’m 18 weeks pregnant and have just lost my job – I need to continue working and will consider all options”

“I am a Chartered Accountant with 11 years experience. I am currently employed full-time and work long hours with an employer who is not flexible or understanding of my needs as a parent – can you help me find alternative employment offering better balance?”

“I am looking to return to work after 8 years away from the formal workforce”

“I am due to return to work following maternity leave in March but it is unlikely I can work 3 days which is what I require for childcare – I will be looking for a part-time EA role as a result”

“I need to update my resume but have been on maternity leave so need assistance with incorporating that and generally positioning myself for a return to the market”

“I have recently won a discrimination case against my employer (senior level role for large business) and am now starting to apply for new roles – I am not able to talk about this but am concerned this will impact on future interviews and reference checking, can you support me?”

“I have recently separated from my husband and for financial reasons now have to return to work – hoping to find something that works around the care of my daughter”

“I want to return to my work in IT but cannot manage the hours now that I have a baby, do you have any flexible roles going with the employers you work with – I have been looking in my sector and at my level for some time but all roles are offered full-time”

“I have not worked in 5 years – my husband secured work overseas so we moved and I supported his career whilst we started / raised a family overseas. This was great but now I am back in Australia and ready to return to my career but am finding this incredibly difficult”

“I have recently been made redundant and am now looking for work”

“I have just been told that I cannot return to my job part-time and have to return to full-time hours. I can’t do this as now have two children so will have to resign – can you help me with part-time work in my field?”

“Do you offer interview coaching – I have applied for a few jobs and have got through to interview stage but haven’t been the preferred candidate (yet) – I feel my confidence might be holding me back so some coaching here would be ideal”

Whilst we love the work we do at JustMums and the important roles we individually play within the business, it would actually be kind of amazing to not have a need for our service at all. One day flexibility will be the norm and quality part-time roles will be in abundance. Employers will accommodate working parents with ease and work-life balance will be a reality for many.

Until that day, we can guarantee you that JustMums will continue to work very hard to support both mums and our employer partners and our commitment to change will remain unwaivered.


Rachel Perkins
About Rachel Perkins
Rachel is the founding Director of JustMums Recruitment, a qualified Social Worker, seasoned recruiter, advocate for working Mums and a busy mother of two.

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