Erin Kefalas


With over 17 years experience in recruitment, business development and marketing, I joined JustMums Recruitment in February 2014 to manage all professional services recruitment with a strong focus on marketing, business development, legal, HR and accounting roles.

Since January 2008, I have managed recruitment campaigns across a range of large and mid tier professional services firms including law, accounting, engineering, intellectual property, management consulting, architecture and design. Prior to that, I spent ten years in marketing and business development roles in law and financial planning firms.

In my role as Director at JustMums, I am responsible for end-to-end recruitment campaigns (predominately with professional services firms), all marketing/business development initiatives across the business and managing our new Support Services directory. In addition to being a Telstra Business Woman of the Year nominee (2017), our team recently won Kochie's Business Builders - All Stars Competition (2017) and received a special recommendation at the Northern Business Achievement Awards (2015).

Without a doubt, my current role is the most rewarding in my career as we act as advocates for working mums and help them secure a long term career move that enables them have a satisfying career whilst balancing family commitments.


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