Prep orientation can be hard – and that’s just for the parents!

By: Mel Sobol
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For many working parents, managing kinder and school timetables can often be challenging. Whilst we all try our best not to miss important milestones or events in our children’s lives, we simply cannot be everywhere.

The transition from kinder to school is one of these milestones and sorting out the logistics around attending the Prep orientation sessions can be particularly hard (especially when they run 3 different sessions over 3 weeks!). We often rely heavily on our “village” to help us out.

Two members of the JustMums team (Erin and Mel) have their daughters starting Prep next year and recently attended their Prep orientation sessions which made them appreciate their flexible workplace even more so. Mel shared her story with us.

Today has bought a lot of emotion to our household as our daughter started her prep orientation for next year. We were excited and so proud to watch her reach yet another milestone.

As my daughter and I gathered into the school meeting hall with all the other parents (mostly mums and some dads) you could really sense the excitement in the room. Most of the kids were happy to be there and their parents just looked so proud. About ten minutes into the session the children were put into groups, met their teachers and were taken to their soon to be classrooms. From there, the principal started her parent information session. As time went on, I noticed a lot of the parents’ happy and proud faces turn into looks of anxiety. Some were dressed for work, many were looking at their watches and others had started to look a little worried about being late to start their working day.

This immediately made me reflect on how lucky I am to be working at JustMums and also made me question how I would have juggled the first of three orientation sessions without the flexibility JustMums have provided. Having that flexibility just made today so much easier and stress free – which is exactly what was needed when dealing with a feisty five year old this morning!

I hope we can continue to pave the way for employers to have an open mind when it comes to mums and the flexibility we require to be able to be superstars both at work and around our families. With a little bit of flexibility and good time management skills – we really CAN have it all!


About Mel Sobol
Mel is our Recruitment Administrator and the glue that holds the JustMums team together. She has many years experience working in recruitment firms and has also enjoyed a career in the legal industry. As a Mum of two, Mel perfectly understands our candidates and their need for flexibility.