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By: Natalie Moore
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Guest post by Natalie Moore.

“When you love what you do every day – you never have to work another day in your life.” Anon.

If I was to ask you – what is your passion? – How would you respond?

On most occasions, the look is of bewilderment that firstly the recipient of my question has to think about what a passion is and then secondly, there is the look of embarrassment at the stark realisation that they don’t have one.

This breaks my heart a little but then at the same time, I am excited because the world is their oyster and there is no time like the present to find your passion.

The definition of a passion is a hobby, pastime or interest which has become your lifestyle, your existence. It becomes part of who you are through your work or your life.

I don’t think having a passion needs to be as cut and dry as this. I believe we all have a passion deep down inside of us and perhaps are already living elements of it without us actually knowing.

It took me to my mid 20s to embrace my passion of running. As a non-sporty kid, my family are still surprised at my commitment to my running. But even then, back 10 years ago the idea that this was my passion didn’t really ring true until I became a mother four years ago. I realised that this was the “thing” in my life which helped me feel sane, happy, energised and simply “me” again in times when motherhood sucked my identity.

Today, my passion for running has fuelled my desire for greater purpose in my work and wanting to make an impact on women across the country. Leading research demonstrates that as humans we crave meaning and purpose in our life. We want to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves and I believe that as mothers especially, we have this innate ability to create a ripple effect of good health, wellbeing and happiness through our purposeful actions.

It has become my purpose to help other women to embrace passion inside them. Less than 12 months ago I ran the NYC Marathon and the first thing I thought after I crossed that line was I need to help other women feel this exhilaration of doing something they love.

So how you can you embrace the passion inside you, below are some of my tops tips for doing so…

  • What is your current reality – tap into your emotional and spiritual feelings to truly understand what your current reality is. What work, tasks, jobs are you doing that bring you great joy and which ones don’t? More importantly, where can you find little glimmers of a possible passion in your work or personal life?
  • Know your values & live into them – “Is a way of believing or being that is most important to us” (Brene Brown, Dare to Lead, 2018) In other words, your values are your hearts deepest desires. It drives your behaviour and helps create the life you want to live. Knowing these is important to help you understand where your passion may lie.
  • Know your purpose – what is your reason behind wanting to pursue this passion, this is an important step because it will drive your motivation and will help you achieve the goals you want to achieve. Knowing your values will help you find your purpose.
  • Build your tribe – having a supportive and positive network around you is critical to your success. Education is a key component here, you need to share with those closest to you what having this passion means to you and why it is important to make it part of your life.
  • Believe in yourself – as a well-known quote states “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”- (buddha) You need to believe that you can embrace and live your passion. It takes time, learning, training and practice. Visualise it, dream it, write about it and talk about it – do whatever you can to make it feel alive and real.

Life is about transformation and I believe the gateway to that transformation is through our passions and purpose. It takes personal growth and life-long learning. Being true to you and your desires is the best experience you can have. It will fuel your soul, your health and wellbeing.

Natalie Moore is a Wellness & Mindset Coach has a vision of every woman across the country having their own passion. To help overcome any obstacles us busy women face, she has started a National Day called Find Your Passion Day on November 16th. A day where women can pencil in some time for themselves to start, try or do their passion without guilt, shame or judgement. Join the movement here or join the movement at Find Your Passion Day on Facebook.

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About Natalie Moore
Natalie is a wellness and passion coach, trainer, facilitator, speaker, runner and mum. She loves working with women to help them create desired changes in their life to feel energised, healthier and happier. Natalie helps busy mums who are feeling stuck, stressed, lacking energy and have lost themselves in their fast paced life.

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