Mums Advised to Lie on Resumes (Herald Sun)

Rachel Perkins
By: Rachel Perkins
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Our job as a mother is the most important one in the world and one to be proud of. For Mums to be advised to conceal their maternity leave or time taken out of the paid workforce to raise their children on their resumes is shameful.

At JustMums, we celebrate working mums and when we identified that many mums we were working with were being told by professionals to remove parental leave from their resumes to increase their chances of securing employment we were infuriated. So much so that we took to social media and the public response that followed was a significant one. We appeared on Channel 10’s The Project, were invited to speak with various radio stations and shared our concerns with print media.

Our story with the Herald Sun can be viewed here.



Rachel Perkins
About Rachel Perkins
Rachel is the founding Director of JustMums Recruitment, a qualified Social Worker, seasoned recruiter, advocate for working Mums and a busy mother of two.

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