It’s time for a change… but what?

By: Tamara Sullivan
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As a busy mum, you may often find yourself overwhelmed by the never-ending cycle of managing everyone else’s needs before your own – kids, partners, ageing parents, colleagues, managers, customers. Don’t get me wrong, managing this cycle is what you do best, often at the expense of looking after yourself. Like many of us mums, you have reached a point where it is time for a change – but what?

Deciding that it is time for a change is the first step, but figuring out what you want to do next can be daunting. Where do you start? Before you start scouring the online job boards for things that may “fit”, take some time to understand what it is that you really need.

  1. Know yourself – Do you like being around lots of people, or working alone? Do you like details, or big pictures? Do you make decisions based on logic and facts or intuition and gut feeling? Do you like structure or spontaneity?
  2. Know your values – Do you need to work for an organisation that is “making a difference”, is “innovative”, or is “family focused”. Equally important is knowing the type of organisations that don’t fit your values.
  3. Know your strengths and weaknesses – we are often most effective and happiest when working in a role that utilises our strengths.
  4. Know what you need – what are the “must haves” versus the “negotiables”. For example flexibility, 30 minutes from home, close to public transport, school hours, autonomy, development opportunities, supportive manager, travel opportunities.

Once you have a better picture about yourself, you can now start researching opportunities that align with your personality, values, strengths and needs.

If you would like some help to identify what your next steps may be, speaking to one of our career coaches may help. Our career coaches will work with you to understand and identify your needs, values, passions and strengths. They will help you formulate goals and strategies to help you navigate your journey. Most important, time with one of our coaches, is time that is all about you.

So is it time you invest in yourself and your career? Contact our team via our website for further information or to make a booking.


About Tamara Sullivan
Tamara joined JustMums in September 2018 as our Career Coach and brings 20 years experience in learning and development, change and coaching. As a busy mum of two, she appreciates that mothers look after everyone else before themselves. She is passionate about women taking charge of their own careers and helping mothers achieve their goals.

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