It’s my turn now – help!

By: Tamara Sullivan
Category: Coaching

You have finally made the decision to take charge and make a change in your career.  After looking after everyone else’s needs, it is now your time – time to look after you.

You may be looking at returning to work after a period of leave, moving into a new role or industry, looking for work that aligns with your passions and values, starting a new business or changing directions completely.

You may find this transition exciting, filled with the promise of new opportunities and challenges, growth, learning and a new way of life.

Or, you may find this transition daunting, filled with uncertainty, ambiguity and anxiety. What if life on the other side is not greener?

Whether you feel excited or daunted by this stage in your life, change can be hard. Having a career coach in your support network, to guide and support you, can make a huge difference to achieving your goals. They could be the difference between accepting the first role (salary or conditions) that you get offered, and the role of your dreams. But how?

Career coaching is an investment in YOU. (Remember, this is your turn now!).

A career coach will prioritise getting to know you. They will be your sounding board, your advisor and your cheer squad. They will use assessments, tools, questioning and good old fashioned chatting to help you:

  • formulate your goals and aspirations
  • identify your values, your strengths and areas for growth
  • identify what you need from your career
  • navigate through fears, challenges, uncertainty and ambiguity
  • assess career options and opportunities
  • build your confidence and sell yourself
  • conquer interviews
  • negotiate salaries or flexible working arrangements
  • be accountable and;
  • go after and achieve your career goals

If you would like some help to make a change in your career, speaking to one of our career coaches may help. Our career coaches will work with you to understand and identify your needs, values, passions and strengths. They will help you formulate goals and strategies to help you navigate your journey. Most important, time with one of our coaches, is time that is all about you.

So is it time you invest in yourself and your career? Contact our team via our website for further information or to make a booking.


About Tamara Sullivan
Tamara joined JustMums in September 2018 as our Career Coach and brings 20 years experience in learning and development, change and coaching. As a busy mum of two, she appreciates that mothers look after everyone else before themselves. She is passionate about women taking charge of their own careers and helping mothers achieve their goals.

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