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Naomi Sirianni is Business Development & Marketing Manager at Source Kids, Australia’s first magazine for parents, carers, families, professionals and teachers working with children with special needs. Naomi has two gorgeous boys, one of which has special needs.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

I work from home so this affords me the opportunity to get the kids ready and take them to school. I work between school hours from home. School pick up in amongst phone calls and emails is always a fun juggle but I’ll reiterate, the beauty is, is that I do get to be involved and present within the schoolyard. Once the kids are in bed I focus my attention to work and it’s amazing how much can get done at night time. I am blessed that my work life is so versatile.

How do you think motherhood has affected your career outlook?

My youngest son has a disability. He was diagnosed just before he turned one. Prior to disability I was an Interior Designer. Life took a sharp turn after my son’s diagnosis in all aspects. I felt a sudden urge towards the disability sector for my work life – was there a way I could help, an organisation who needed a multi-tasker, a passionate mum? I found my calling in Source Kids, a national magazine and online resource, simply by reaching out and being proactive with my past achievements and my future goals.

The outlook is bright and I have motherhood (& disability) to thank for it.

What do you think the biggest challenges are for working mums?

Pressure!!! We all feel it, we all know it, and we are all susceptible to it. It becomes a mental game within you to manage work and personal life. Who doesn’t want to succeed in every facet of life? To do so, there needs to be some give and take; most importantly you need a ‘village’ to make it all happen. I entrust in my husband and other working mums within my inner circle, to make the wheels turn in the right direction.

How do you define success?

Happiness. Are you happy doing what you do? Happiness could be defined by simply cherishing moments you have with your children or it could be the next award you win, or in my case creating Australia’s largest disability expo. Success is broad and opportunities come our way every single day.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?

First and foremost if I could go back I would suggest myself be humble, and to be grateful for what I had/have. In my working life pre children I thought I was invincible, or irreplaceable. How silly I was….

What’s your biggest work achievement?

My biggest work achievement is happening as we speak. Source Kids is about to host our second disability expo, this time in Melbourne. We will host over 155 exhibitors, 16 keynote speakers, sensory & activity zones in a two-day, free, all-inclusive event, in the heart of Melbourne. Wow! Last year saw the inaugural Source Kids Disability Expo in Brisbane and it is an honour to bring it to my hometown Melbourne next week.

That said, five years ago Source Kids a national, quarterly magazine began, and so did my love for bringing great services and equipment to the forefront of parents & carers minds. My entire working life at Source Kids has been a great achievement.

What’s your biggest mum achievement?

I have the honour of raising two beautiful boys. Luca, a sibling of a special needs child too, is all I could ever wish for. He is compassionate, he is sensitive, he is patient, and he is so very delightful. I am honoured to parent a child who knows what to do… he knows what is right in the world and he knows what is wrong. My husband and I have tried to instil certain morals in Luca; I must admit it hasn’t been hard. Archer, with all his delays and hurdles, tries so very hard to be just like his brother. What a blessing!

What’s your best mum tip?

This is such an easy one – Go with your gut! Always. Mum knows best!

Tell us an interesting fact about you…

I love Ear bling! A school mum and I have a little hobby per-say. Together we started an Instagram page, of all things earrings, we are The Earring Mamas. We showcase Australian makers each and every day on our page and are very much enjoying the community that is handmade art and craft.


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