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Katie Barillaro
By: Katie Barillaro
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Meet Wynona Whalley – a recruitment consultant with a young daughter. We asked Wynona about her experiences as a working mum and what advice she would give to other mums looking for flexible work.

Tell us about yourself…

I’m a mum of a gorgeous 15-month-old girl. I grew up in Cairns but left there to go to the University of Melbourne 6 years ago and stayed in Melbourne after my studies. I was on a scholarship completing a Biomedical Science degree whilst working in an administration role part time, so I have a very strong admin background which was valuable when I started to look for work after having my little girl. I also love to cook and create wonderful dishes for my family (which they love!).

What made you apply for your current role?

I had always wanted to pursue a career in recruitment as I had had a small amount of experience in the industry previously.

“I really liked the company that was advertising the role as they seemed very family friendly, which is something I didn’t find have in my previous role (I was the only one in my team that was a parent). I was very excited by the values and the passion that the director of my current company radiated, it was compelling and made me want to join the company”.

How did you find the job search process?

I found the process really easy. I was not looking for a job change but someone in my Facebook Mums group told me about JustMums Recruitment so I thought I’d have a look at what jobs they were advertising. I signed up for job alerts and immediately an alert came through with a job I was interested in applying for.

“Interestingly, I found the interview an enjoyable experience (you don’t often find that!), because I could be open in the interview and not hide the fact that I was a parent. I could be very open about my expectations, as could they”.

What advice can you give to other Mums looking for flexible work? 

My advice to other mums who are looking for flexible work is not to settle. Having the flexibility of a job that recognises my role as a parent, as well as a great employee, is so important. I really wanted to be around for my daughter’s major milestones and with my current role I’m able to achieve that. You really need to look for a workplace that respects you for your talents and you as a mum.


Katie Barillaro
About Katie Barillaro
Katie joined JustMums in July 2018 as our Marketing Consultant and brings more than 20 years traditional and digital marketing experience to the team. Katie has previously worked for large recruitment brands and is a busy working mother balancing career and family.

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