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Katie Barillaro
By: Katie Barillaro
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Meet Nina Gibson – a National Partnership & Development Manager with a young daughter. We asked Nina about her experiences as a working mum and what advice she would give to other mums looking for flexible work.

Tell us about yourself…

Like many of us, I’m trying to maximise my time on the home front, whilst earning a decent living. I’m a single mum to Gloria (5) and Dolly Dog (8 and a Bernese Mountain Dog) and I’ve worked raising money for the arts in Melbourne for more than 20 years. I aspire to a peaceful life with lots of time for reading and beach walks, but the reality is, I’m a drama magnet.

What made you apply for your current role?

As my previous contract was unexpectedly coming to an end and I was frantically contemplating my next career move, I received a call from Rachel at JustMums asking if I would be interested in a part-time role with an arts-related charity. Perfect timing, and a job I found appealing for a number of reasons.

How did you find the job search process?

Rachel was amazing as we went through lengthy negotiations for the role over the Christmas break. She was patient with the client, totally transparent about the role and the process with me, and all the while trying to enjoy a remote family holiday! It all came together in the end, thanks to Rachel’s warmth and professionalism.

What advice can you give to other Mums looking for flexible work?

I’ve been meeting a lot of mums recently, as my daughter has just begun prep, and I’ve told several about JustMums when they tell me they’re looking for flexible work. Many of them are afraid it doesn’t really exist, but I’ve found it does. These school holidays I’ll be taking Gloria to work with me, working from home, and swapping days of child-minding with other parents. Juggling can be fun!


Katie Barillaro
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Katie joined JustMums in July 2018 as our Marketing Consultant and brings more than 20 years traditional and digital marketing experience to the team. Katie has previously worked for large recruitment brands and is a busy working mother balancing career and family.

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