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Katie Barillaro
By: Katie Barillaro
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Meet Michelle Pratt – a Finance Manager with two young children. We asked Michelle about her experiences as a working mum and what advice she would give to other mums looking for flexible work.

Tell us about yourself…

My name is Michelle, I’m 36 and the mum of two kids, ages 5 and 3. I have been working in accounts administration for 18 years, covering all roles from entry level accounts admin to my current Finance Manager position. I have had the opportunity to perform these roles in many different industries, including the Finance, Health, Environmental Sustainability and Manufacturing fields.

What made you apply for your current role?

I had been following JustMums Recruitment on social media for quite some time; it began as sheer curiosity to see what kind of flexible work is out there. Although I had a lot of flexibility in my previous job, I didn’t have the level of responsibility that I had in older roles and I found it frustrating that I had to choose between using my skills (for which I’d worked and studied hard to get!) and looking after my family.

When I saw a management position advertised as a part time role with a very flexible employer, I couldn’t apply fast enough.

How did you find the job search process?

The JustMums process was very easy. I didn’t need to search for the role as it was advertised on my newsfeed on Facebook, the ad was very clear on all aspects of the role and the employer. My initial interview with Rachel was really productive, she made me feel completely relaxed and made sure that we both had all of the information we needed to move forward. When it came to my first interview with the employer, knowing that they had chosen to advertise through JustMums made a huge difference to me. It was really refreshing going into an interview without feeling the need to hide or play down your responsibilities as a mum.

What advice can you give to other Mums looking for flexible work?

My advice would be to just have a bit of faith in yourself. It can be really hard to back yourself, especially if you have taken a step back in your career, or if you have been out of the workforce entirely while looking after young children. I don’t think having some time out should negate all of the hard work you’ve put in before your life as a mum, and it is up to you to sell your skills to a potential employer.


Katie Barillaro
About Katie Barillaro
Katie joined JustMums in July 2018 as our Marketing Consultant and brings more than 20 years traditional and digital marketing experience to the team. Katie has previously worked for large recruitment brands and is a busy working mother balancing career and family.

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