Guide to household help in Australia

By: Sarah Agboola
Categories: Support Services Working Mum

It’s hard to know if you’re getting the right household help for your family if you don’t know what’s available. Learning about how much different services cost, what (if any) additional fees to expect, how long it can take to find a match, and what type of requests are feasible can require so much research and deciphering of jargon that many parents get overwhelmed or give up.

As members of the home services industry, we’ve worked through the jargon and done our fair share of research. So we’ve created this guide to help you choose the right household help for your family.

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About Sarah Agboola
Sarah is the co-founder of mtime, a concierge service for busy parents. She launched their signature Moncierges in 2017. A Moncierge is not just a nanny or a housekeeper, but a caretaker of the wellbeing of busy mums and dads. By regularly having their Moncierge take care of the domestic tasks that build up in a family household, the average mtime parent gains 8hrs a week of time back. That's a full working day of time saved that can be used to bond with their children and take time out for self-care.

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