Deciding not to return to work post-baby

Rachel Perkins
By: Rachel Perkins
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You’re expecting. You’re over the moon. You can’t wait to tell everyone. Except the boss.

Telling the boss you’re pregnant can be a scary conversation to have. Even in the most enlightened workplace it’s easy to feel like you’re letting the employer down and creating headaches for your colleagues.

But what if you’re not planning on coming back after the baby? How do you drop that bombshell?

Or maybe you’re not sure if you’ll return or not – is it best to be honest with your boss from the outset, or to keep it to yourself?

You can read the full article and our contribution published in Essential Baby here.


Rachel Perkins
About Rachel Perkins
Rachel is the founding Director of JustMums Recruitment, a qualified Social Worker, seasoned recruiter, advocate for working Mums and a busy mother of two.

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