‘But I’m just a mum!’ – Tackling transferable skills and your resume

By: Emilia Reluskoska
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Those five dreaded words – ‘But I’m just a mum!’ Time and time again in my career as a resume writer and recruitment professional, I have come across mums who exclaim, “I don’t have much experience, I’m just a mum!”, or “I have been out of the workforce for so long – what does a good resume even look like and what could I possibly put in it?

My answers to these statements have always been: firstly – you’re not JUST a mum! Secondly, there are so many skills a mum can put into her resume, because believe it or not, YOU DO HAVE SKILLS GAINED FROM MOTHERHOOD and more often than not, you would have gained skills before motherhood. Sometimes we just forget what those are.

Through my work with Sincerely Resumes, my first question would be: what are your transferable skills? Because let’s face it, we all have them; we just need to find a name for them and put them on paper.

Top skills mums possess:
  1. People Management

Managing little people AND a home life AND a social life is a job in itself. The art of negotiation and conflict resolution are your key skills here. Frankly, I find dealing with colleagues and managers far easier than dealing with my toddler J

  1. Organisation

Mums are superwoman organisers, whether we see it or not. Are you part of a kinder/playgroup? Do you assist with fundraisers? Do you manage team sports for the kids or are you part of a social club? All skills honed from these activities can be included in a resume under ‘Volunteer work’ and elaborated on at an interview.

  1. Communication

The amount of communicating you do as a mother is immense. From teaching and mentoring children, to liaising with tutors and teachers, to setting up school/kinder events. This by far is the easiest transferable skill to talk to. We all speak and we all communicate in one way or another. Have a think about your personal communication style. What makes you YOU?

  1. Multi-tasking and time management

Juggling activities, school and home life is your world – talk to it. Explain how you can multitask a million and one things (because let’s be real, you do it every day!). When you return to work, you will find you are able to squeeze in more in one day, than what you may have prior to kids. I know of many part-timers who do five days of work, in four. It is all about how you manage your day.

Above all else, have faith! It doesn’t matter where you honed your skill set. What matters is how you build it into a resume. Mums can add a lot of value to any workplace, so let’s minimise the ‘But, I’m just a mum!’ talk, and embrace all your newfound skills.

So mums, has this article resonated with you and you feel you may require some help in this department? If so, feel free to contact me at my website Sincerely Resumes or via email: sincerelyresumesau@gmail.com. We can discuss drafting a new resume, updating an old one, setting up a LinkedIn profile or simply some advice on returning to work as a mum.

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