‘A full-time role in part-time hours’: the truth about flexible work

Katie Barillaro
By: Katie Barillaro
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Excerpt of an article featured in The Age April 8, 2019

Returning to work after maternity leave has been a lesson in many things: How to effectively avoid the sticky fingers of a determined and affectionate toddler as you dash out the door, actual time management, and a new respect for working mothers.

In December 2018 JustMums Recruitment surveyed 550 women in Australia and New Zealand about their experiences as working mums.

According to the survey, 83 per cent wanted a flexible working arrangement in their next role and 73 per cent wanted to change roles due to the lack of flexibility on offer.

Of the quotes compiled from those surveyed, these will ring true for many women trying to be both a good mother and a good employee:

“My request for flexibility was granted, however I ended up doing a full-time role in part-time hours!”


“I was expected to do a full-time workload in three days and do the extra work from home on my non-working days.”

It’s a common theme among my friends, colleagues and mother’s group. They’re grateful (often too grateful and willing to accept crumbs in exchange for flexibility) to work less days or shorter hours but end up logging back on after the baby is asleep  at night to be able to finish their work or spend days off answering emails and taking calls in between enthusiastic rounds of Hot Potato.  

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Katie Barillaro
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