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Purpose of the site

The purpose of the site is to connect working mums and mums returning to work with full and part-time, flexible or family-friendly jobs and to provide recruitment and career support either directly or through our preferred suppliers as represented on the site’s Training and Support Services pages. 

This website is owned and operated by JustMums.

Acceptance of Terms

By accessing the content of (“the site”) you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out herein.

Job Advertisers agree:

  • To a cost of $165 plus GST per ad payable upon receipt of an invoice and prior to the job being listed on the site.
  • To promote a legitimate and genuine position of employment or business opportunity deemed suitable for working mums (parents). The Advertiser will ensure that all posted information relating to the position or business opportunity is accurately reflected including job title, industry, work type, remuneration and location where possible.
  • To JustMums reviewing and approving the Ad before being placed on the site and that JustMums reserves the right to edit, amend or update an Ad. This would generally be done to correct grammar or spelling errors and to enhance or improve the way the Ad is listed.
  • To receive, short-list and manage all direct applications from candidates without the assistance of JustMums. The Advertiser will be held solely responsible for the recruitment and appointment process once the Ad is listed and understands that JustMums have not vetted or screened these candidates in any way. JustMums strongly recommend Advertisers undertake professional reference checks and sight valid documentation confirming a candidate’s legal right to work in Australia.
  • To the job or business opportunity being listed on the site for a minimum of 30 days unless the Advertiser requests for the Ad to be removed sooner.
  • That JustMums can at any time reject or remove an Ad if the Ad is fraudulent or the job or Advertiser is found to be in breach of fair employment conditions, is discriminatory, offensive or conflicts with JustMums’ core values.

Mums / Candidates agree:

  • It is their responsibility to satisfy themselves that the job Ad is authentic and that they have adequate information to assess the business and opportunity as bona fide.
  • They are applying for a job and proceeding with the recruitment process directly with the Advertiser and cannot hold JustMums liable in any way.

Links to third party websites

  • The JustMums Recruitment website contains links to websites operated by third parties. These linked websites are not under JustMums control and as such JustMums will not be held responsible for the contents of any linked website. 
  • You agree to access any such third party website and engage and pay for their services at your own discretion and risk and cannot hold JustMums responsible.